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Myself, Manish Trivedi and working with the education department name Smt. M. A. Mehta Muni. Mahila Adhyapan Mandir, Jamnagar, since 1997. When I was 15 my father gave me a pocket camera named canon. I did not idea what is the camera was at that time. But When I got a job I bought a Camera with my first salary. I have lots of thing to do in wildlife of Jamnagar and Gujarat. I am not only photographer But wildlifer too, and it is not my hobby only. I m doing lot for all this. My family knows better than me in these things.

In 2003, I got a special mention in Sanctuary Asia- 2003 and one of my photo also print in April-2003 issue. And 2003 is lucky for me I think, I got a second prize in Times Journals of Photography’s wildlife competition.

I done a Lion censes – 2010 & 2015 (Gir), Leopard censes (Sagtala - Ratanmahal), Sloth bear censes (Sagtala- Ratanmahal), and also the bird censes in Jamnagar. Recenly i am participated in Wader quest in the year of 2021 held this world wide programme and supported by Asian Adventures in India. And also do the rescues with forest department to save the wildlife. (see all the images of rescue in gallery named rescue). In Jamnagar we have great places for bird watching and bird photography too. And Jamnagar is historical place in all the way. And also very good for bird watching and photography. We have a good bird sanctuary name Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary – Jamnagar. So I got a chance to do the bird watching and photography. And developed my hobby for bird watching. I done a good documentation photography with Forest Department Gandhinagar for their use only. And for that I got a certificate for this work.

In a very preliminary days of my photography work I mainly paying attention on Asiatic Lion and surrounding area's of Gir from 1997 to till date.

But when I met my mentor and also a good friend of mine named Mr. Yashodhan Bhatia a very good photographer and passionate bird watcher and born with photographic eyes who played a crucial role in my photography. He guided & inspired me about deep knowledge of lights and activity of birds & mammals. I am very grateful to him for his frank guidance.

It was quite impossible without the support of my spouse to be a traveler of wild journey. She helps me in every step of my life and she also performs all the deities of mine without fail. Because of her dedication and devotion I could do a little of noticeable work in this field. And I also thankful to my son Manas & daughter Hetvi. They both miss me a lot when I am away from home for birding or photography.

And I am also very thankful to all the friends and well wishers for their supportive role in my wild journey.

Last but not least, I can’t forget to tell a thank you very much to Shri Mandanbhai Chudasama for his great role to teach me a lot in this field. And always enjoyed his company in wild. During the time of his job period he helped & motivated me a lot.


Naturally my first exhibition was on Gir. And got a good public response in Jamnagar.

Second Exhibition was in group organized by the Forest Department and Jamnagar Municipal Corporation.

One group slide show held in Jamnagar Municipal Town hall on a world 19 August photography day.

And the big moment of life, my 20 images were put in a Global Bird Watchers Conference-2010 held in Jamnagar in Jamnagar Municipal Town hall. And some images print in a book name Khijadiya Birds Sanctuary.

My 2 images (size 5’ X 7’) also put on a wall of Municipal Town hall Jamnagar.

And some images used in 3 lighting sign board of birds identification on a Lakhota Lake – Jamnagar..

Awards :

  • Got a Special Mention in Sanctuary Asia photo competition ‘Call of Wild’ in 2002
  • Got a Second prize open India wildlife photography competition organized by ‘Times journal of Photography’ in March-April issue in 2003.
  • Got a first prize in Open Gujarat wildlife photography competition organize by Navanagar Nature Club, Jamnagar in year – 2012, during the Wildlife week.
  • Got a First Prize as a best team leader in Bird-A-Thon organize by ‘SAEVUS’ in year 2012.
  • I was appointed to moniter and collecting a data of photography and field work of Shri Rasilaben Vadher from Gir, on behalf of SAEVus & HCMWF for WILD LIFE WARRIOR AWARD. and glad to know that she has been awarded as a first winner.
  • Got a Second prize in Open Gujarat wildlife photography competition organize by Gujrat Samachaar under the title “Digital Gujarat”.

Work shop :

  • I done a photo convention work shop held at Jodhpur and Jaisalmair (Rajasthan)by FIPA.
  • I done a workshop in Essar Oil- Jamnagar held by Mr. Himanshu Sheth- Mumbai on a nature & wildlife

Article :

  • My first Article print in Sanctuary Asia – Mumbai on a Prakruti Nature Club- Kodinar a specially focus on Mr. Dinesh Goswami.
  • Second one was a best for me, because its on Khijadiya Birds Sanctuary – Jamnagar specially focus of Black necked stork, and the title was “Khijadiya takes wings”. Print in Sanctuary Asia- December-2011 issue.
  • Third one was also very special for me, Because it in Bengali, and name of magazine is Bon Magazine – Calcutta. And the article is on Desert fox and print in January- 2013 issue.
  • An article on Indian skimmer compiled by “Saevus” Magazine – Mumbai. And 3 (three) of my images are printed in it. And I am very thankful to Sree Nandy, Pranad Patil & rest of the team Saevus.
  • An article on Crab plover of Jamnagar written by Mr. Suraj Joshi who is a very good bird watcher and also a good friend of mine written an article. My images are in it. And I am again very thankful to Sree Nandy and rest of team Saevus.


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